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Was die meisten Menschen nicht sehen

„Working and training at the champion level isn`t for everybody. It`s just not. There`s so much pain, so much sacrifice, so many hours, so much sheer monotony and minutiae; there`s so much you have to think about and dedicate yourself to – to chase perfection. It`s not about talent. Everyone at the highest levels of any field is talented. It`s commitment… For most people, making it to the top level is enough. They pat themselves on the back… and enjoy the competition… Lots of people put in serious work for a while in pursuit of the goals, and eventually get to a place where they`re comfortable… they have achieved a good 90 percent… that`s great. But that`s not excellence. Excellence is maximizing everything you have in the categories that matter your long-term goals. Excellence requires short – term pain for long-term gain. It`s painful, in the short term, to get up at 5:00 a.m. and work out; its`s painful to say „no“ to a cookie. Long- term, the habits add up to incredible gain…“

Ben Bergeron “Chasing excellence “

Wenn man erfolgreich ist, sei es bei der Arbeit oder im Sport – sehen die meisten Menschen nur den Erfolg, aber nicht, wie viel Arbeit dahinter steckt. Erfolg ist wie ein Eisberg – man sieht meistens nur eine kleine Spitze. Für den Erfolg braucht man so viel! Den grössten Teil des Eisbergs bilden Beharrlichkeit, Disziplin, Misserfolg, Aufopferung, Hingabe, harte Arbeit, Kontinuität, gute Gewohnheiten, Enttäuschung und vieles mehr.